Kamino Cycloners

Kamino Cycloners

"The Kamino Cycloners were as consistent as ever. With all players hitting eerily similar stats, whispers of their cloning techniques turned baseball strategy have gained some notoriety."


This team is a marriage of references, from the stormy weather Obi-Wan experienced on Kamino to the cloning they are so well known for. The swirling cyclone becomes a DNA sequence subtly. The colours are a call to campy sci-fi palettes to tie it all together. 


Made of high-quality merino wool felt with pieces cut by hand then securely stitched by machine and finished embroidery by hand. This patch is intended as an art piece. Measuring 16cm in width by 14.5cm in height.


This piece includes a shadowbox frame and shipping is priced accordingly. If you would like it shipped without, just get in touch!