Dune Sea Droids

Dune Sea Droids

"The Dune Sea Droids came away unscathed in one of the hottest seasons in memory. Unfazed by long games and not prone to dehydration, they were able to come out on top and play head to head vs the Sith 66ers."


Our ultimate good guy team is a celebration of two best friends making it through the sands and slavery of Tatooine- ultimately finding their feet and freedom with a level of sass we can all appreciate. 


Made to order

Made of high-quality merino wool felt with pieces cut by hand then securely stitched by machine and finished embroidery by hand. This patch is intended as an art piece. Measuring 16cm in diameter.


Allow for 2 weeks to make before shipping! If you're interested in having it framed, let us know.