Canto Bight Aces

Canto Bight Aces

"The Canto Bight Aces have played a middling season and are considered to be somewhere in the middle of the pack. They gambled on some flashy players that ended up being a no-show, crippling their chances for a turn around."


The Aces are inspired by the elusive Master Codebreaker and a long history of teams named the Aces. A gamble on our part as well by picking a team from the divisive eighth movie. 


Made of high-quality merino wool felt with pieces cut by hand then securely stitched by machine and finished embroidery by hand. This patch is intended as an art piece. Measuring 17cm in width by 15cm in height. 


This piece includes a shadowbox frame and shipping is priced accordingly. If you would like it shipped without, just get in touch!