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Our Star Wars League deep dive!

I've held in all the deep cuts and references for too long! I've got to get them out for the world to see! Today I'm going to go through the Galactic Major League with a fine-tooth comb, more for my own good than anything else. 

For some context, I put too much time into planning these teams but I don't regret it for a second. I hope some of the details are new to you!

Dune Sea Droids

This one here is pretty low key. Everyone can see R2 in all his glory! The Dune Sea is where R2 and C3P0 crash-landed and fled from the Empire. 

This piece most closely resembles the colors of my inspiration patch that my Grandpa has. It's the classic blue and gold that just have to be the good guys! 

Sith 66ers

My favourite detail for our classic dark side team is a toss-up between the Sith era burst symbol and the code 66 reference (the one that sicked the clone army on the Jedi!). It was my happy surprise that there have been real teams with the 66ers as their name, with a less nefarious background to be sure. 

I kept the colours as Imperial as possible, there's no way in my mind that they would prioritize colour.

The baseball piece is covered in french knots to add texture. I did the math and there are about 72 yards of embroidery thread used to cover the full area. In real measurement that people can understand— it took about 3 seasons of The Great British Bakeoff.

Death Star Dianogas 

Now here we have a visual that everyone can recall— maybe you didn't know that trash compactor villain was called a Dianoga but now you do! If you feel like you need to see it's full body, you can do that right here (sorry).

This was the very first patch I made and it's where I figured out a lot of the process and detail needed. I've gone the route of stitching pieces by hand before sewing with my machine to make sure I don't lose the depth of the beautiful wool felt instead of using fusible glue to put it together. Glue is faster, but hand sewing pays off. 

Alderaan Annihilators

Shout out to my friend Adam who came up with this team name. It's so bright and so dark at the same time— Just like a planet being destroyed. 

I was inspired by the Dodger's logo for this one because it perfectly matches a planet's debris! The 'Annihilators' in cursive is cut from a piece of felt with an Exacto knife before being carefully attached to the rest of the piece. 

Cloud City Saints

The Saints could have gone in so many directions but I kept thinking about Leia's beautiful outfits while she visited Bespin and how they reminded me of Art Deco. I wanted to pull that in with the lettering and pieced structure of the patch. This patch, by far, has the most pieces that need to coordinate to work together for the final result! 

I also experimented with creating the sunset for this piece by felting the colors through each other for the ombre effect. Time-consuming, sure, but worth it! 

I was very close to embroidering Luke dangling from Bespin but decided against it. This version of Cloud City is meant to be the glamourous side! 

Kamino Cycloners

But why Kamino? Why not Kashyyyk or Endor even? Who knows, I was in a mood. Maybe I wanted to show the sci-fi in this league and who better than to use a cloning planet? The colour combo here is definitely on the campy side of sci-fi to push it a bit further as well. 

When Obi-Wan visited, it was pretty stormy so I did take some leeway there to turn it into a Cyclone/Clone combo. When the hurricane popped into mind alongside the DNA double helix, it was a done deal.  

Canto Bight Aces

The scenes on Canto Bight made it too easy to use as a team. The classic casino backdrop, the classic 'Aces' ball team name— I couldn't let it go! Even the Master Codebreakers plom bloom was just too good to pass up. To me, this patch could be a real team more than any other in the group! 

Mustafar Smokies

Saving my favourite for last, this team was the first time I got a good chuckle. I even called my mom and got the exact same chuckle and I was pleased as punch. Mustafar was where Anakin had his lair and where he and Obi-Wan fought. He was left for dead, smoldering on the volcano planet with some seriously shortened limbs. 

I tried my best to show those short limbs too, and the smoke rising from him. It's the small details! 

Thanks so much for humoring my deep dive. I feel a weight lifted off of me already! 

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