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A long time ago...

Making these teams is connected to when my cat got sick years ago. This might sound like a bit of a stretch but here we are! 

It started with my cat needing to wear a cone. Soon after, I stopped seeing a cat with a cone and saw a look-a-like to many, many, people, places, and things. She was Queen Elizabeth with a ruff, then a Dilophosaurus, then the Sphynx, and the Pixar lamp. After the cone was taken off she became the moon, Riker, Wolverine, and too many more to count. 

These were the first things that I mashed together. Now for a challenge and some genuine fun, I mash up pop culture with baseball. No matter what I combine, when I find a good one that clicks into place there's no feeling like it! 

Before the rush of picking my first team, I had been asked to add to a Star Wars show and I couldn't quite figure what to add. I have great sewing and embroidery skills, but I'm not an artist in the traditional sense. I remembered that when I was helping my Grandpa move, I got to see his own vintage baseball patch from a championship in the North West Territories from 1955. Everything about it shouted how valuable it was to him— to represent past memories and accomplishments in such a tactile way. It showed a connection with people he still remembered almost 65 years later. 

I distinctly remember when the first team clicked while I was having a drink at a bar— It was the Mustafar Smokies. From that moment, I knew I had something that could get a laugh and I wanted to share it.

Moments in baseball history and in our favorite movies hold a similar power in memories and connections. I wanted to make something new to combine them, to give new life to something people feel so much attachment to. And to hold on to those things for years to come. There's no feeling like it. 

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